What We Offer

Virtual Assistant Services

Executive Virtual Assistant

  • Manages your calls and emails
  • Acts as the point of contact between you and your clients
  • Promptly responds to queries on your behalf
  • Schedule your appointments and events
  • Makes travel arrangements
  • Suggests more efficient ways to run your business
  • Reviews and recommends improvements to your product(s) or service(s)
  • Troubleshoots your work-related problems

Marketing VA

  • Creates a plan for engaging your target market
  • Creates a plan for gaining and retaining clients
  • Promotes your product(s) or service(s) to your target market
  • Researches your clientele in order to find, market and sell to more clients
  • Answers clients' queries
  • Schedules appointments and meetings as needed

Accounting and Bookkeeping VA

  • Handles and maintain financial transactions
  • Handles your accounts accurately and efficiently
  • Maintains and balances your general ledger
  • Files pertinent documents
  • Prepares financial reports
  • Ensures that you comply with federal, state and local legal requirements

Customer Service VA

  • Manages calls from your customers each day
  • Identify problem or reason for calling
  • Increase customer loyalty including account management, chat support, data entry, order processing
  • Assists with placement of orderes, refunds or exchanges
  • Takes information and other pertinent details, such as addresses and phone numbers and credit card information (if needed)
  • Compiles reports on overall customer satisfaction

Real Estate VA

  • Ensures you keep in touch with all you clients
  • Generates more leads for you, builds your database
  • Confirms the appointments you would set yourself with them
  • Prepares marketing listing
  • Manages and posts your listings to your social media page(s)
  • Manages your emails
  • Reaches out to other real estate agents on your behalf
  • Promotes your open house events

Social Media VA

  • Manage online presence by developing a strategy
  • Produce good content and image creation with interesting keywords
  • Increase your reach through your social media account
  • Manages and posts to your social media page(s)
  • Facilitates customer service and managing projects and ad campaigns
  • Engage your audience with captivating content through our blog writing, editing, content research, email campaigns, and web content writing services

Achieve More with Less
Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Work With Us


  • Trim back costs effectively with affordable hourly rates
  • Per hour on month-to-month contract that give you a good return on your investment
  • Lower effective hourly rates for longer term contracts compare with $30.00 per hour for onsite employee
  • No need for equipment office space and other overhead
  • No employee related expenses like healthcare, employment taxes and paperwork


  • Utilize our virtual assistants that are focused and can efficiently get the work done in a set amount of time
  • Perform vital but routine time-consuming tasks
    • Answer and process incoming telephone calls
    • Make outgoing calls and respond to routine email on your behalf
    • Update and maintain your contact list
    • Schedule and confirm your appointments
    • Support sales and collection efforts
    • Prepare periodic office reports


  • Take control of your time and have more flexibility in your schedule
  • Your virtual assistant can jump in for your current demands whenever needed. With a quick plug and play solution for your administrative requirements and secure remote access to your office computer
  • Be connected and in command at your desk, on the road, or out of town
  • Enhance your customers' satisfaction
  • Have more free time for revenue-generating activities