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PDC is an outsourcing company that provides data conversion/processing, medical coding, contact center, answering services,
and information technology services for clients seeking to improve their efficiency and reduce costs.

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Centuria Medical Makati Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

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Pinoy Data Capture offers a wide variety of services to suit the client's needs. Our services are generally divided into six main categories.

Back Office Processing

Have a manual process in your business that is time consuming? We can perform your work remotely for you... read more.

Software / App Development

We help analyze users' needs to develop software and/or mobile application using our... read more.

IT Development

Staff augmentation, cloud data center, websites, digital security, overnight operations, batch processing... read more.

Data Conversion & Processing

Archiving backs-up Source Image Files onto a durable, high-capacity format like tape drives for the client's records... read more.

Contact Center &
Answering Services

Offering inbound and outbound services such as technical assistance, customer service, order taking, collections... read more.

Medical Data Entry
& Coding

Our medical billing data entry and coding saves time and money by allowing physicians and their support staff... read more.